About Us

About Suraksha Charitable Trust (R)

The trust has involved the people from different walks of life who are experts and dedicated people in their field and wish to contribute to the society through their service.

Suraksha Charitable Trust was registered on 3rd Jan, 2022 under Indian Trust Act 1882, to take up the activities without any motive of profit. It aims at the good of all mankind irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Our vision is to make the mankind to blossom with excellence and altruism.

The trust has successfully carried out its own programs without expecting any publicity.

The trust was promoted to primarily engage in relief of the poor, development in education sectors, medical relief, promotion of India classical dance, music, arts, culture, literate, science, sports, health environmental protection and creating awareness of environmental and ecological development, Prevention of environmental etc. and other similar related activities for the public benefit at large.

Our Vision

Suraksha Charitable Trust envisions to grow as a community of like-minded individuals who wish to contribute towards the betterment of the weaker sections of the society and aim to create a sustainable environment for better living.

Our Mission‚Äč

The core purpose of Suraksha Charitable Trust is to aid the kids in need to grow in a safe, friendly, and healthy environment by providing them with basic amenities. Alongside we aim to work towards every other social issue that needs to be addressed to achieve social and economic justice.

Aims and Objective

The aim and objective of the Trust shall extend to the whole of India rendering services to all the people irrespective of language, race, religion, community, caste or creed, promoting the welfare of the society in general.

Our Values

Helpful: To be caring to the society in uplifting children essentially, so they could meet the basic needs of education and nourishment.

Evolve: To always grow and assist the kids in need and create a revolution in terms of developing passion towards being compassionate.

Love: To be empathetic and show love towards our fellow human beings by giving every child the possibility to achieve their dreams.

Perseverance: To endure in all situations and conditions, as we work towards our vision.

Integrity: To be always principled in the way we follow the rules set by our government and in the way of using the trust funds while aiding the children and the society at large.

Noble: To always be noble in the actions we take as a Trust, and to consider the moral standards every time a decision is taken.

Gratitude: To show the defiance of being grateful for every action we take, and we are grateful for people joining our vision to help society

Board Members

Mr.Saver M

Mr. Saver Salvador Monteiro

Managing Trustee


Mrs. Lavina Saver Monteiro



Glen Saver Monteiro